ITA Courses FAQs


How do I register for ITA Courses?

You have to take the Microteaching Test or qualify for the TOEFL/IELTS Waiver Interview first. Then ITA Services will contact you and tell you a specific ITA course that you will need for the current semester. To register for an ITA Course, please use the online registration form (http://ita.uconn.edu/ita-class-registration-page/). Please fill out the registration form completely and be sure to mark the course recommended to you by ITA Services. You can only select ONE ITA course. You will receive an email confirmation once your enrollment is complete.

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Are there potential enrollment issues for ITA Courses?

Yes, but they are all fixable. Here are some common problems:

Student Account Holds: Please be aware of the holds on your student account. Various holds can be put on students’ accounts and prevent enrollment (i.e. Bursar Holds, Student Health Services Holds, etc.) We will be unable to enroll you if holds on your account exist, so be sure to check your student admin account (https://student.studentadmin.uconn.edu/), as well as your email in case an ITA staff member contacts you about enrollment issues.

Scheduling Conflicts: Please check your current academic schedule. A scheduling or time conflict can happen if an ITA course overlaps with one of your academic courses. If an overlap exists, you will need to get a letter from either the professor of your UCONN course saying that it is okay to leave the class early or a letter from your ITA instructor saying that it is okay to arrive to the ITA class late. This letter should be brought to the Registrar’s Office to get the Time Conflict approved. Please notify the ITA main office if when there is a time conflict.

Important: If you have a time conflict that is approved, you may have to schedule a time to meet with your ITA instructor during office hours to make sure your progress is at the same rate as the rest of the class. You are required to set up a consistent time to meet with the ITA instructor at the beginning of the semester.

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What is the registration deadline for ITA Courses?

The deadline for ITA Course registration is the 10th day of the semester, which is also the Registrar’s Office Add/Drop class deadline. This date changes each semester so please check the Registrar’s Office for the exact date pertaining to the current session (http://registrar.uconn.edu/) or email ITA Services.

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What if I decide that I want to switch out of an ITA course and take an Evening English Course (EEC) instead?

This is possible, however you must complete the switch before the end of the add/drop period. Please email ITA Services and your ITA course instructor to complete the switch in enrollment. You will also need to completely register the for EEC course (http://ucaeli.uconn.edu/programs/evening-english-courses/). Please remember that you can take your first ITA course for free, but EEC courses always require a course fee.

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What is the winter weather policy for ITA Courses?

Most of the time, ITA Services will follow UConn’s inclement weather announcements; therefore if UConn cancels class, ITA will also not have class. However, sometimes ITA Services will cancel class when UConn does not so be sure to check your email for a potential message from your ITA instructor or an ITA staff member during inclement weather situations. You can also check the class cancellation information at the Bulletin Board on the ITA main webpage at ita.uconn.edu

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What is the make-up policy when a class is cancelled?

If a class in cancelled, the instructor will inform you of the make-up procedure. Typically, class time will be extended by 15 or 30 minutes for a few classes or a Friday meeting time will be arranged.

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What is the attendance policy for an ITA Course?

If you miss the first two weeks of ITA classes without contacting the instructor, a student on the waiting list will replace you in the course. If you miss 5 classes of an ITA course, you may not be able to finish the class and the course fee will not be refunded (if it is your 2nd ITA Course – see cost and payment FAQ for more information). Missed classes include regular class days and examination days.

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How much does an ITA Course cost and how do I pay?

The first ITA Course you enroll in is FREE. After the first free course, all other ITA courses will cost $150.

If you decide to drop an ITA course mid-semester, it will still count as your first ITA course and will be only the class that you will not have to pay for. You will then need to pay for any other ITA classes you enroll in.

The ITA Course fee will be put on your fee bill. You can view your fee bill online with your Student Admin account (https://student.studentadmin.uconn.edu/). You can pay online or at the Bursar’s office, located in the Wilbur Cross Building (WCB and E9 on the UConn Campus Map).

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