Screening Results

 Pass Cleared to teach. Student may begin teaching.
 Conditional Pass Cleared to teach and may begin teaching. However, the student must successfully complete the recommended English course during the semester immediately following the test. If the conditional pass expires because the student did not register or complete the course, the student will need to be retested with the Microteaching Test.
 Fail Not cleared to teach. Student does not meet the English requirement to teach undergraduate students. Must either successfully complete an English course or submit an updated TOEFL speaking score demonstrating improvement. The student will need to be retested with the Microteaching Test.

Students may retake the Microteaching test when they have completed ITA courses.  For students who take UCAELI courses, a final evaluation of B2 (Minimum Academic Proficiency) in speaking on the EAQUALs (a CEFR based scale) is required to take the Microteaching test.

The microteaching test will be offered up to five times for an individual student. If a student has already taken the microteaching test five times without passing, the student is no longer eligible to register for additional microteaching testing. Students in this category may submit passing TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE scores as evidence of meeting the English proficiency requirements for teaching assistants at the University of Connecticut.